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Masks series >> More >>
        Wearing mask is like setting a "filtration barrier" to the respiratory tract, which filter the inhaled air. It stops the dust, bacteria, virus and harmful gas from going into the human body for the self protection. Mask is a necessity for clean room and surgeons in operation room. During the period of SARS, the atypical pneumonia bacteria is mainly spread by the droplets and close contact and so strong that only the masks which conform to the requirements of N95 or the disposable medical mask whose bacterial filter valve reaches certain requirements can reach the prevention effect.
Orbital implant >> More >>
        Orbital implant is made of medical polymer material poly methyl acrylate material. For beauty use after the absence or atrophy of the eyeball.
        Apply to enucleation and orbital implant patients caused by variety of reasons, as congenital microphthalmos caused by atrophy of eyeball, conjunctiva, corneal disease patients who need to wear a prosthetic eye, congenital absence of eyeball, and the patients with conjunctival sac reconstruction and forming after operation.
        This implant has large, medium and small three sizes.
Protective clothing series >> More >>
        Surgical gown use PP non woven materal, SMS compsite material and wood pulp material which prevent alcohol, static electricity and plasma, Sterilize package, more safety. Protecting clothes use PP non woven material, SF non woven material and other strong isolation materials, high airtightness, good protection.
        Be used in : hospital, non dust workshop, chemical protecting, food manufacture, clean and so on.
Hat series >> More >>
Made of good quality non-woven cloth. Safe and reliable, comfortable and light.
Scope of application: medical, food, chemical, cosmetic, environmental protection and other industries favorite disposable goods.
New products series >> More >>
        Our products are made of high quality raw materials, fine workmanship, professional equipment and technical personnel, so as to ensure our products safe and reliable.
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