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Tel: +86-512-52551649
Fax: +86-512-52559099
E-mail: yenuo1@yenuo.com
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        CHANGSHU YINUO MEDICAL ARTICLES CO.,LTD. was a company established in 1999 which got ISO9001 in 2001 and CE certifications in2006. It passed the GMP certification for medical equipment in 2012. The factory located in zhitang town, which is close to 204 National Road, only 20 kilometers away from Changshu port, 76 kilometers east of Shanghai and 75 km south of Suzhou. It has convenient transportation and superior position in geography . YINUO MEDICAL has the right of import and export.
        Japanese advanced technology and modern science used by YINUO MEDICAL together with the fully qualified QC points provide the essential guarantee for the high quality products, which are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, France, Finland, Russia, Germany, Netherland and other countries and regions.
        YINUO MEDICAL is doing its best for human health with its management concept that is quality around the world and promise forever.
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